Culinary demo

This year, it’s Dominique Dupuis from L’Armoire du Haut that will offer the participants of the Big Veggie Gathering a culinary demonstration. Be there, because it’ll be very interesting… and mouthwatering!

List of organizations

Here are the organizations that will have a kiosk and/or will participate in the presentations:

Detailed schedule

Date : Saturday, December 4th 2009 from 12h to 17h

Gathering schedule:

11h: Organizers arrival

12h to 13h30 : Vegan Potluck (with best dish contest)

13h30 à 17h00: Discussions and presentations on different important subjects

Entrance fees : FREE (Participants have to bring a dish for the vegan potluck, including the list of ingredients)

Preliminary presentations schedule

1) Stéphane Groleau : Quebec Meatless Mondays campaign review

2) Mike Cianci : Debate surrounding arguments put forward by Collin Campbell (in English)

3) Josée Quenneville : Feminism and social movements

********* 30 minutes
pause **********

4) Culinary demo with Dominique Dupuis « how to quickly prepare vegan food »

5) Stéphane Groleau : The making of the world first vegan accordion; vegan response song

6) Carl Saucier-Bouffard : Importance of using new communication medias in Quebec animal rights movement

7) Mélissa Galianos : Presentation of her video reviewing demos organized in Quebec in 2010




Each organisation is invited to have an information kiosk about its activities and products offered. Nevertheless,  some criteria must be respected:

  • No animal product offered or sold onsite.
  • The litterature must promote animal protection and/or veganism.
  • Groupes/businesses must at lesast be vegetarians.

For explanations or to take part to this event, contact us!

To get there

The Big Veggie Gathering will take place at HEC Montreal.

The address:

Montreal HEC,  IBM amphitheater
3000 Chemin De la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montreal, QC H3T 2A7

See the map

For people in car, there is a paid parking under the building. Otherwise, people must park in the surrounding streets.

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    Vegan potluck

    The concept is simple: each participant brings a food contribution (3 or 4 portions) containing no animal ingredients (no meat, fish, egg, milk, cheese, butter, honey, animal stock…). This can be a salad, a soup, a beverage, a dessert, fruits, vegetables, snacks… (Note that alcohol isn’t allowed during the event).

    Last year, 150 people attended the event, making a fantastic vegan buffet.

    Recipe ideas

    To get inspiration, here are some interesting websites:

    Notes for a successful event

    • We don’t have dishes, so everyone have to bring plates and cutlery.
    • Don’t forget to bring the list of ingredients, and why not the recipe! Please bring a serving spoon for your dish.