Detailed schedule

Date : Saturday, December 4th 2009 from 12h to 17h

Gathering schedule:

11h: Organizers arrival

12h to 13h30 : Vegan Potluck (with best dish contest)

13h30 à 17h00: Discussions and presentations on different important subjects

Entrance fees : FREE (Participants have to bring a dish for the vegan potluck, including the list of ingredients)

Preliminary presentations schedule

1) Stéphane Groleau : Quebec Meatless Mondays campaign review

2) Mike Cianci : Debate surrounding arguments put forward by Collin Campbell (in English)

3) Josée Quenneville : Feminism and social movements

********* 30 minutes
pause **********

4) Culinary demo with Dominique Dupuis « how to quickly prepare vegan food »

5) Stéphane Groleau : The making of the world first vegan accordion; vegan response song

6) Carl Saucier-Bouffard : Importance of using new communication medias in Quebec animal rights movement

7) Mélissa Galianos : Presentation of her video reviewing demos organized in Quebec in 2010